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Craft Beer World

craft-beer-worldCraft Beer World: A Guide to over 350 of the Finest Beers Known to Man
by Mark Dredge – Dog’n’Bone editors, 208 pages – eBook also available.

In the Barrel-aged beers section, Mark Dredge has selected:

Cidre Dupont Reserve
« This isn’t beer but it is barrel-aged and does taste extraordinary. Craft-beer drinkers looking for more variety in their glasses are turning toward cider with more regularity (…) Cidre Dupont Reserve is aged in Calvados barrels for six months before release and that gives a cider with elegance and complexity: there’s green apple, fragrant citrus, tart tropical fruit, cellar-like funk, and a round depth of toffee and spice from the aging. »

Publié le 29 décembre 2016 dans English,Press



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