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New cocktail: The Only Spritz Colette

Deauville - Cocktail Spritz Colette

Jérôme Limoges, Deauville Normandy manager, Bruce Toussaint and Marc Jean – Photo: Le Pays d’Auge 24-07-2015 edition –

Deauville Normandy Hotel master barman Marc Jean has a new cocktail of his own : The Only Spritz Colette. Spritz variant, this is made with Italian Aperol, an orange wheel  and Cider Cuvée Colette from Domaine Dupont, the special cider made following the « méthode traditionnelle » (traditional method) of sparkling wines.

Among the first customers of the Normandy Hotel in Deauville to appreciate this new cocktail was the well-known french TV presenter Bruce Toussaint who has agreed to endorsed it: « This not too sweet dry cider removes the bitterness that bothers me in the classic Spritz », he has told to Le Pays d’Auge local newspaper.

Publié le 26 juillet 2015 dans English,Products



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