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Calvados in Art

To Etienne, Jerome and Anne-Pamy Dupont:

Still Life With Gamebirds & Calvados
Oil on Canvas 22″ x 28″
by Galen Mercer (2010)

My name is Galen Mercer and I am a painter, living in Vermont, USA. Being a great fan of calvados, I’ve long enjoyed your Domaine’s excellent product, as well as your various ciders. Several years back, a friend made me a gift of Dupont Vielle Reserve calvados. Upon finishing it I kept the bottle, finding the particular shade of olive glass to be quite lovely, while also admiring the vivid yellow seal. At the time I thought it might make a nice prop in a still life painting.

I recently completed a study of game (a woodcock and a grouse) displayed after a hunt, into which I placed your bottle, which added both form and an elegant splash of color to the piece. Reviewing your website the other day gave me the idea that you might enjoy seeing this piece. In hopes that you might find the artistic re-purposing of one of your bottles to be of interest, I am sending you a scan.

With thanks again for the care and obvious pride you take in your particular art.
Warmest wishes,

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Publié le 2 avril 2011 dans English,Life of the Estate



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