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La Revue du Vin de France – June 2024

La Revue du Vin de France - Juin 2024« Ten Calvados that refine their finish »

In its article on « Cask Finish » (refining in barrels that have previously contained spirits) applied to Calvados, the Revue du Vin de France magazine places one of the Domaine Dupont cuvees at the first place of a short selection:

Calvados Cask Finish n°1 fût L2 :

« This relatively young Calvados (4+ years), with fruity and tangy notes, blends wonderfully with the peaty, smoky and iodized profile of this barrel from a distillery on the south coast of Islay, the famous Scottish island of peated malts. With a perfectly balanced intensity at 54% (too diluted, the peat could harm the apple), we find cooked apple, cardamom, honeysuckle and white flowers, notes of cherry, honey, citrus, anise and aromatic herbs. And also chocolate, dried fruits, smoked fish, caramel and spices before an epic mineral and liquorice finish. »

Publié le 12 juin 2024 dans English,Press

Caveman – Le Drink Parfait magazine – June 2024

The June 2024 issue of CAVEMAN ( LE DRINK PARFAIT ) magazine has an article on cider-making. Laurence Marot has choosen Domaine Dupont « renowned for its know-how and exceptional cuvees » to explain harvesting, washing and sorting, pressing, fermentation and bottling.

Laurence Marot also has selected:  Cidre Reserve
« This signature cuvee will appeal to all connoisseurs! A blend of 60% bittersweet apples and 40% tart apples, this certified organic cider has aged for 6 months in oak barrels that previously hold Calvados. On the palate: a gourmet trip to Normandy, enhanced with fine bubbles, notes of caramelized apples and baked prune ending with a slight bitterness. »

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Deauville now has its cocktail

A new cocktail named Le Deauville, created by Marc Jean, made up of Calvados and Pommeau from the Dupont estate.

The City of Deauville has invited Marc Jean, former head bartender of the bar at the Barrière Le Normandy hotel, who has become an internal trainer in the Barrière Group, and Calvados Dupont, a historic distillery in the Pays d’Auge, to imagine a cocktail bearing his name.

Coming in a small bottle, Le Deauville cocktail is made up of  « specially produced Dupont Original Calvados, mixed with Pommeau from the same estate and apple juice. Floral notes come from a Saint-Germain elderflower liqueur, freshness from a squeeze of fresh cucumbers. A lime juice add a note of acidity.  »

Read Sophie Quesnel’s article on the website…

Publié le 13 juin 2023 dans English,Products

Monsieur magazine – Sept./Oct. 2021

The magazine Monsieur puts Domaine Dupont in the spotlight:

« Cavalcade in Calvados – Gone are the days of obscure distillers! Calvados has now regained its letters of nobility. Let’s look at three of its flagships in the Pays d’Auge. »

The article, illustrated with a photo of Etienne Dupont, presents the production of the estate, followed by tasting notes of two Calvados and one Cider:

Calvados Cask Finish Islay Whisky : « Enriching the classic aromatic palette of their Calvados, that is the goal. The result is a surprising alliance between the fruity and pastry notes of Calvados and the peaty, saline and mineral aromas which have made the reputation of the distilleries located on the Isle of Islay. Aged for a minimum of 4 years in toasted oak barrels then finished 6 months in barrels having contained Islay whiskey, it will delight lovers of spirits »

Calvados 30 ans non réduit : « A must for lovers of fine eaux-de-vie, dark chocolate and powerful cigars! This Calvados, aged more than 30 years in oak barrels, is bottled to the degree of the barrel, without dilution or cold filtration. Powerful, intense and elegant, it develops on the palate spicy notes, caramelized apples and undergrowth. »

Cider Cuvée Colette 2017 : « Very elegant, the Cuvee Colette is an homage to Etienne Dupont’s mother, representative of the 4th generation behind the creation of the Pays d’Auge appellation. The bubble is fine, the saline notes lead to fresh apple and the citrus fruits aromas. Elaborated according to the traditional method of sparkling wines, this slightly acidic cider reveals itself on the palate, lively, fresh, fine and delicate. For aperitif champagne lovers. « 

Read the pages on Calvados (in french)
Read page on Cider (in french)
Visit Monsieur Magazine website… (in french)

Publié le 16 septembre 2021 dans English,Press – In the Land of the Apple – September 2021

« Calvados, pommeau, cider … Faced with the health crisis and thanks to the dynamism of its players, the world of Normandy cider products has not lost its colors or its flavors. Innovation, ecology, mixology … an overview of a sector in full resistance.  »

The magazine, « the magazine of trends in drinks and bar life », just had a feature article on the innovations in the apple products from Normandy: « A wind of modernity on the side of Calvados ».

The article presents some of the Domaine Dupont  innovative products :
the Calvados Cask Finish Islay Whiskey, the Unreduced 50-year-old Calvados (“a jewel full of flavors”) and the brand new Blanc de Pomme, a monovarietal still cider (photo).

Read the article online… (in french)

Publié le 7 septembre 2021 dans English,Press

Elle à Table – March / April 2021

In the #135 issue, March/April 2021, the Elle à Table supplement of Elle magazine has a feature article on gastronomic ciders. In the few selected ciders, we find:

Domaine Dupont, Extra-brut Cider, Cidre Reserve 2019 :

« It takes benefits from aging in Calvados barrels for six months. On the nose, it is an alluring treat. Evocation of Tarte Tatin, the mouth is round, highly seductive, mischievous with its pretty bubbles. To be served with a beautiful apple dessert. »

Publié le 1 avril 2021 dans English,Press

La Revue du Vin de France – March 2021

The whole spirit of the “Calvados Pays d’Auge“ appellation
by Alexandre Vingtier

“Among the three Norman appellations authorized to produce Calvados, the Pays d’Auge stands out with an inimitable apple expression.“

Famille Dupont Calvados 50 ans non réduit :
“For several years now, this family estate in the western sector of the Pays d’Auge, near Cambremer, has been offering three unreduced old vintages of 30, 45 and 50 years! It takes generations of passion and sacrifice to produce such an eau-de-vie, where the wood is discreet to let all the dimensions of the apple express themselves. You can spend hours swooning over its very subtle nose, spring honey and dried flowers, very elegant, a recurring character trait in Pays d’Auge area, slightly enhanced by gourmet notes of ginger, galangal and hazelnut. As for the mouth, still nervous but without aggressiveness, a single centilitre on the tongue can be contemplated for long minutes during which orchard fruits (apple, pear, peach) and berries (cranberry, redcurrant, blueberry) follow one another, with hint of citrus fruit (clementine). Light smoky notes follow them, flint, tobacco, toasted almonds, coffee, leather in a bewitching and minty pizzicato.“

Publié le 12 mars 2021 dans English,Press

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine – January 2020

Luxury Lifestyle MagazineIn the review of Château La Chenevière, Normandy, France, the british Luxury Lifestyle Magazine (LLM) mentions the Famille Dupont estate :

In the « To Do » section, after mentionning the WW2 cemetary and Bayeux Tapestry, the reviewer points out:

« Further afield, there’s a fantastic cider distillery, Calvados Dupont, turning orchard-grown apples into all sorts of delicious spirits, like the nation’s favourite Pommeau. »

Read the article on LLM website

Publié le 3 mars 2020 dans English,Press

Vinexpo Paris – February 10-12, 2020

Vinexpo Paris.

We are pleased to inform you that Domaine Dupont will be present at Vinexpo Paris from February 10th to 12th.

Come and meet us to enjoy our gourmet ciders and traditional innovative calvados,

Hall 7.2 – Stand S264.

If you are willing to schedule an appointment with Etienne Dupont and Marie Marois, feel free to contact us via email.

Publié le 4 février 2020 dans English,Events

Shake Well – August 2019

Shake Well

In a feature focusing on Calvados, the french magazine  Skake Well, « the cocktail culture and innovative bars magazine », wrote an article on Domaine Dupont.

Well documented, this article explains the history and philosophy of the estate in Calvados & cider-making. Innovative cuvées such as Cuvée Colette and Triple Cider are also introduced and explained.

Have a quick look

Visit Skake Well website:


Publié le 25 juillet 2019 dans English,Press

L’Express magazine – July 2019

In a Normandie Gourmande (=Gastronomy in Normandy) special issue, the french magazine has selected the Domaine Dupont Pommeau to introduce this typical blend:

Pommeau de Normandie from Domaine Famille Dupont  :

« This blend of Calvados and apple press-juice unveils tart tatin aroma. Excellent with chocolate dessert. »



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Vinexpo – May 13-16, 2019

A new Cartel release!
We are pleased to invite you on our stand at Bordeaux Vinexpo fair accompanied by Marc Jean (The Normandy Barrière Hotel head bartender at Deauville) who will prepare for you his delicious and creative cocktails.

We are located Hall 1 Stand A284.

From the 13th to the 16th of May 2019, meet us and enjoy our spirits selection and some oddities.

Cartel des spiritueux familiaux à Vinexpo

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Sunday Times Magazine – U.K. – Feb. 24, 2019

Sunday Times Magazine.

The Feb. 24, 2019 issue of Sunday Times Magazine had a feature titled ‘While the cold lingers, look to France to lift the spirits’.

Will Lyons has included a Famille Dupont Calvados in his short selection of six brandies:

Dupont Calvados VSOP:
« One of my favourite holiday treats is to pour a shot of Calvados into a still-warm cup drained of coffee. This heady example from the Dupont family, the product of hand-harvested apples, is pale yet golden, rich on the nose and pleasantly biting on the finish. »


Publié le 7 mars 2019 dans English,Press

Presence, an artist’s view of Domaine Dupont shop entrance, is a new painting by Nathalie de Chaumont.
Read more


The artist is currently exhibiting at the Casino de Cabourg, from February 4 to March 3, 2019 in the main lobby. Nathalie de Chaumont will be present from Friday, February 15 to Sunday, March 3, to present the theme of the « Sea Day – Sea of Night » serie and also to exchange with visitors.

Visit Nathalie de Chaumont website



Publié le 11 février 2019 dans English,Life of the Estate

Country Life UK – June 27, 2018

The well-known english magazine Country Life has visited Domaine Dupont…

Country Like UK

« Keeping spirits up. In the quiet green acres of northern France, a heady apple drink still reigns. Nick Hammond explores the Calvados of the Pays d’Auge ».

Publié le 3 juillet 2018 dans English,Press

Imbibe magazine – Summer 2018


For the Summer 2018 issue, Imbibe Magazine has tasted  five french ciders.
Among the five selected ciders…

Domaine Dupont Cidre Reserve:

Six months’ ageing in Calvados casks creates an extraordinary nose that’s full of barnyard funk, apple and citrus, with a palate that’s beguilingly delicate.

Visit Imbibe website…

Publié le 28 juin 2018 dans English,Press

Edible Manhattan – Sept/Oct issue

Edible ManhattanThe Edible Manhattan sept/oct. issue (#52) has a feature article on the modern ways of Normandy Ciders : France Route du Cidre – Seeking a deeper, more modern understanding of Normandy’s signature beverage.

Ariel Lauren Wilson has carefully chosen the places for her to visit and Domaine Dupont was one the very first.

« Any trip from my Crown Heights apartment on a frigid January night is a special occasion. A craft cider dilettante and flaming francophile (I lived in France pre–New York), I had enough reason last winter to attend a discussion with esteemed Normandy cidermaker Jérôme Dupont about how French cider is “markedly different from the Wild West mentality in the U.S.” … »
Continue reading on Edible Manhattan website

Publié le 18 octobre 2017 dans English,Press

Calvados Dupont in Washington DC

Service Bar DC

Calvados tasting at Service Bar with the DCCBG.
Thank you very much Glendon for organizing the tasting.


Diner at Marcel’s, one of the best restaurants in Washington DC. Photo: Jerome Dupont with sommelier/manager Moez Ben Achour.

Publié le 6 octobre 2017 dans English,Events

Hotel de Crillon – Paris

Christophe DavoineThe world-famous Hotel de Crillon in Paris has reopened its doors following a comprehensive four-year renovation. In this world of excellence, the young and brillant Christophe Davoine – Meilleur Ouvrier de France (the highest award in France) –  is the new chef-barman.

When it comes to cocktails, he likes to work with Calvados and especially the Calvados Original from Domaine Dupont. He has created a cocktail simple and inventive, Calvados Tonic, coming with a celery remoulade and small sticks of apple.

The Sep/Oct 2017 issue of  Whisky Magazine tells us everything.
Read the article… (in french)

Bar Les Ambassadeurs – Hôtel de Crillon
10 place de la Concorde – Paris 9e – France

Publié le 29 septembre 2017 dans English,Press

Vinii magazine – Finland

Vinii - Finland

« The Cider boom is here to come » says Ulla Häkkinen
and Domaine Dupont Cidre Reserve 2015 is her top choice !

>> Read the whole feature article (in Finnish)

Publié le 5 juillet 2017 dans English,Press

Domaine Dupont in London

Domaine Dupont in London Domaine Dupont at the Hawksmoor


Jerome Dupont was in London yesterday:
– Training session with the team from Coupette, Calvados & Cider Bars by Chris Moore (Coupette Bars Limited)
– Training session with the bartenders of the Hawksmoor group, 7 restaurants in London (Hawksmoor Guidhall)

Publié le 16 mai 2017 dans English,Events

Domaine Dupont in the U.S.A.

Jerome Dupont was in New York for the DSWS 2017 Grand Portfolio Tasting organized by Domaine Select Wines and Spirits, Domaine Dupont Calvados distributor in the United States. >> website.


At The Finch, the much praised – and Michelin starred – restaurant, the Domaine Dupont ciders are on the wine list. The Finch is located 212 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238 >> website.
B. United is the Domaine Dupont Cider distributor in the United States. >> website

The Finch wine listThe Finch
Chef Gabe McMackin, Jerome Dupont, restaurant manager Remy Pascale  and  Michael Opalenski (B.United).


Jennifer Amaral - Domaine Select Merchants Jerome Dupont and Esteban Ordonez

Sipping a delicious Calvados cocktail at the bar S’Zen at Hotel on Rivington (107 Rivington Street, Lower East Side, New York, NY 10002) with Jennifer Amaral from Classic & Vintage Artisanal Spirits – Domaine Select Merchants (left). Jerome Dupont with the illustrious master bartender Estéban Ordoñez (right).

Estéban’s Bespoke Calvados Cocktail
1.5 oz Dupont Calvados Vieille Réserve
.25 oz honey syrup
3 dashes housemade citrus bitters
A few drops of Elixir #5 (cognac, saffron & gentian blend)
Top with brut champagne
Garnish with sliced lady apple

Publié le 27 janvier 2017 dans English,Events,Products

Craft Beer World

craft-beer-worldCraft Beer World: A Guide to over 350 of the Finest Beers Known to Man
by Mark Dredge – Dog’n’Bone editors, 208 pages – eBook also available.

In the Barrel-aged beers section, Mark Dredge has selected:

Cidre Dupont Reserve
« This isn’t beer but it is barrel-aged and does taste extraordinary. Craft-beer drinkers looking for more variety in their glasses are turning toward cider with more regularity (…) Cidre Dupont Reserve is aged in Calvados barrels for six months before release and that gives a cider with elegance and complexity: there’s green apple, fragrant citrus, tart tropical fruit, cellar-like funk, and a round depth of toffee and spice from the aging. »

Publié le 29 décembre 2016 dans English,Press

Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast« An Apple Brandy a Day Keeps the Winter Blues Away »

In the latest issue of Wine Enthusiast (12/31/2016), Kara Newman  shares her tasting notes of a few selected top-‘notch Calvados.
Among them, in the Top 3:

Calvados Dupont Vieille Reserve: 94 pts
« This golden brandy is scented with rich vanilla and honey, plus a surprising herbaceous lilt. The bold flavor has a savory, almost meaty note at first sip, but finishes with more delicate freshness, fading into honey, white flowers and vanilla. This complex, distinctive sipper is worth getting to know. »

Visit Wine Enthusiast website

Publié le 27 décembre 2016 dans English,Press

Ed Motta likes Dupont ciders

Ed MottaThe well-known Brazilian musician enjoys the good things in life and always takes time to share what he likes on his Instagram page. Thus he has recently published two photos of Domaine Dupont ciders, Cidre Bouché and Cidre Réserve.


Publié le 1 novembre 2016 dans English,Products

Innovative Food Trophy

Trophée de l'Agrialimentaire de Normandie

Calvados Spray has been awarded during the 10th Trophées de l’agroalimentaire, a competition created by the Normandy Chamber of Agriculture in order to « promote Normandy innovative products ».

Calvados Spray follows Givre, Cidre Triple and Sweet and Sour footsteps. Indeed, all three has previously been awarded in the same competition.


Publié le 20 octobre 2016 dans English,Products

The Beer Connoisseur – Fall 2016

The Beer Connoisseurbeer-connoisseur2


Drinking in the
French Countryside

Going to Brittany to look for the best independent breweries, Beer Connoisseur contributor Owen Ogletree has visited Domaine Dupont in Normandy:

With a history of cider production dating back to 1887 and its own 50 acres of on-site orchards, the polished prize apple of the Normandy cider route has to be Famille Dupont.
Many Dupont ciders are available in the USA, and Jerome works with American importers B. United in several innovative projects such as utilizing Champagne techniques for sparkling cider, experimenting with a variety of apple blends and aging cider in calvados barrels.

Visitors to Normandy should be sure to stop into Dupont’s bright and welcoming gift shop/tasting room and inquire about a tour.

Read the full story

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Jamie Magazine – Sept/Oct 2016

Jamie MagazineThe September/October 2016 issue of the Jamie Oliver magazine asks:

« How d’you like them apples? Andy Harris visits Normandy, where the orchard harvest is in full swing, and unearths some deliciously sustaining rustic recipes using the region’s apples and calvados – including the rib-sticking honey-roasted duck with apples and baby onions that graces the issue’s cover. »

The article displays a photo of a Domaine Dupont calvados and lists the domain as a place to visit :
« Stunning calvados and cider, produced in small quantities through timeless methods ».

See article extract…

Publié le 15 octobre 2016 dans English,Press

Domaine Dupont in Canada

Bertrand Mesotten, Les importations du Moine MenuJosh Mott

Jerome Dupont came and visit Domaine Dupont’ importer for Quebec : Bertrand Mesotten (left) at the head of Les importations du Moine. He’s a specialist of organic wines.
A Domain Dupont Ciders and Calvados tasting was organized at the famous restaurant in Montreal.

In Toronto, Josh Mott’s  Her Father’s Cider (right) is the city’s first all-cider bar. A cider maker’s dinner (center) has been set up to taste Domain Dupont Ciders and Calvados on september 21.

Publié le 23 septembre 2016 dans English,Events

2016 Challenge Best French Wines & Spirits for Asia

Best French Products for Asia
The Best French Wines & Spirits for Asia contest is organized every year in Hong Kong with a 100% Asian jury, chaired by Mr Nelson Chow, president of the Hong Kong and China Sommeliers Association.
Domaine Dupont has been awarded twice:

Calvados 15 years …… Silver medal ….. Award See award

Cidre Reserve 2013 ….. Gold medal …… Award See award

Publié le 1 juin 2016 dans English,Products



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