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Bartender of the Year – USA

Mike Henderson


Mike Henderson, beverage director for Root Down, Linger and Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox,  has won the regional semi-final of the Bartender of the Year event hosted in New Orleans… with a cocktail made with Calvados Dupont Vieille Reserve.

Read the article on Denver Westword website


Here is his winning mix:
Improved Corpse Reviver No. 1:
1.5 ounces Domaine Dupont ‘Vielle Reserve’ Calvados
.75 ounce Dolin Sweet Vermouth
.75 ounce Domaine de Canton
2 dashes of Angostura Bitters
2 bar spoons of Big B’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Stir and serve in a Nick & Nora Glass with a lemon zest.

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Cuvee Colette in Brazil

Cuvée Colette sur une plage du Brésil
From Atlantida Sul Beach, south Brazil…

… Sea, Sun and Cuvee Colette.



Photo Diego Cartier – Importer of Domaine Dupont in Brazil

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Daily Telegraph – Dec. 2015 – Christmas selection

Daily Telegraph
Dupont Calvados Pays d’Auge – VSOP 350 ml

« This small package contains a glorious, finessed Calvados. I always forget how much I love the smell of baked apples and brandy until a bottle like this is opened. Pure pleasure. Put under the tree for yourself and drink on Christmas Eve. »



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The SOMM Journal – Oct/Nov. 2015

SOMM Journal« Old roots, New growth – Once obscure, hard cider is taking a bite out of the beverage market. »

This is how Cliff Rames titles his story about cider in the October/November issue of the California-based SOMM Journal (formerly The Sommelier Journal). Commenting the rising interest for the hard cider, he shows us how it can have many  forms or styles.

Jerome Dupont is quoted in the article and a nice photo of Jerome Dupont illustrates.

Read the article… or Visit the SOMM Journal website…

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Master of Malt blog

Master of MaltDuring his « Around the World in 80 Drams » expedition, Sam Smith has stopped at the Domaine Dupont…
He tells us about it in his Master of Malt blog, a presentation of the estate and fully detailed tasting notes on Domaine Dupont VSOP Calvados.
Read the full story

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Falling for Calvados…

Beverage Media Group 
« When we talk about apples, we think of cider, and when we talk about France, we think of wine. But when we talk about France and apples together, we should be talking—with all due respect to the tarte tatin—about Calvados. And more and more, we are. »

This is how Jim Clarke starts his well documented story on Calvados. Domaine Dupont Calvados is in his short list…

Read the entire article on Beverage Media Group


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New cocktail: The Only Spritz Colette

Deauville - Cocktail Spritz Colette

Jérôme Limoges, Deauville Normandy manager, Bruce Toussaint and Marc Jean – Photo: Le Pays d’Auge 24-07-2015 edition –

Deauville Normandy Hotel master barman Marc Jean has a new cocktail of his own : The Only Spritz Colette. Spritz variant, this is made with Italian Aperol, an orange wheel  and Cider Cuvée Colette from Domaine Dupont, the special cider made following the « méthode traditionnelle » (traditional method) of sparkling wines.

Among the first customers of the Normandy Hotel in Deauville to appreciate this new cocktail was the well-known french TV presenter Bruce Toussaint who has agreed to endorsed it: « This not too sweet dry cider removes the bitterness that bothers me in the classic Spritz », he has told to Le Pays d’Auge local newspaper.

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Vinexpo 2015


At Vinexpo Bordeaux 2015, meet the Family Spirits Cartel
Hall 3 – Stand U328
June 14-18, 2015


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Domaine Dupont Cider in the U.S.A.

Domaine dupont Cider tasting - USAThere is a growing interest in the the United States for ciders as a casual social drink. Natural, with a lot of fruit, low in alcohol, cider is a nice alternative to beer. The elegant style of Domaine Dupont Ciders make them ready to suit that trend.

Jérôme Dupont was in Oxford, Connecticut, to present Domaine Dupont Ciders at the Nepenthia 2015, an event organized by B.United International, distributor of the ciders of Domaine Dupont in the U.S.A.

PO Box 661 – York Estate
Redding, CT 06896

Cider tasting at the Seymour
Another Domaine Dupont Cider tasting was at Seymour The Pub in Greenfield, Ma, in a region well-known for apple trees and… its cider.

5 Bank Row Street
Greenfield, Ma.
Facebook page

The Birch pommeau and cider cocktail
At The Birch bar in Norfolk, Virginia, one of the favorite cocktails created by Malia is made with  Domaine Dupont Pommeau and the bubbly Cuvee Colette Cider:
– 1.5 oz or one shot of Pommeau
– 4 oz of Cuvee Colette, which fills the rest of the glass.

1231 W. Olney Road
Norfolk, VA 23508


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Calvados tasting at the Nomad, New York

Jérôme Dupont was in New York City for a professional Domaine Dupont Calvados Tasting at the Nomad Hotel, located on Broadway in New York City, an event organized by Robert Kacher Selections, Domaine Dupont Calvados distributor.

Wine merchants to the trade
Washington, DC 20009
Phone (202) 832-9083

1170 Broadway & 28th Street
New York, NY 10001
Phone (212) 796-1500

Calvados tasting at the Nomad in New YorkCalvados tasting at the Nomad in New YorkCalvados tasting at the Nomad in New York

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Boston Herald – The Edge

Ted Gallagher on the Boston HeraldThe Boston Herald  – The Edge has recently published an article on the cider cocktails made by Ted Gallagher from Steel & Rye in Milton, Massachusets. This article was written by Kerry Byrne, a true cider connoisseur.
Click to read the article

In addition, Ted Gallagher shares two of his favorite Calvados cocktails with us:

‘Lionheart’ by Ted Gallagher :
1.5 oz. Dupont Fine Reserve
0.5 oz. Rittenhouse Rye
0.125 (barspoon) maple syrup
dash St. Elizabeth’s Allspice Dram
dash Angostura Bitters
Build in mixing glass. Add ice, stir to integrate. Strain over large ice in chilled rocks glass. Express lemon oil over surface, garnish with peel or discard

Cider and Calvados Cocktails - Steel & rye
‘Still Life’ by Gjergj Hakani, Lead Bartender

0.75 oz. Dupont Fine Reserve
0.75 oz. Old Overholt Rye
0.75 oz. Salers Aperitif
0.5 oz. Cynar
0.25 Combier Liqueur d’Orange
pinch of salt
Build in mixing glass. Add ice, stir.
Strain into chilled coupe glass.
Express orange oil lightly over surface, discard.


STEEL & RYE – 95 Eliot Street – Lower Mills – Milton, MA 02186 – USA – (617) 690-2787

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Palma Restaurant – West Village – New York

Calvados cocktailA Calvados Cocktail from the Palma Restaurant, New York City:

2 oz. fine calvados
1 oz. amaro dell’ erborista
.5 oz cocchi vermouth

Old fashioned glass
Clove studded orange wheel as garnish.

The Palma restaurant is an organic italian restaurant in New York City which remains faithful to generations of family recipes and techniques.

Palma / D’Orazio Food Events
28 Cornelia St
New York, NY 10014, U.S.A.
Phone (212) 691-2223

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Dupont Ciders in Hong Kong

Domaine Dupont in Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s Le French GourMay celebration, Great Food Hall brings the finest flavours of France to adventurous foodies to discover from May 9 till May 21, 2015.

So far, the cheese tasting with Dupont Reserve Cider has bought a great response from the customers: They are impressed with such a high quality cider.

Great Food Hall – LG1, Pacific place, 88 Queensway Admiralty, Hong Kong.

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UKBG – United Kingdom Bartenders’ Guild

Calvados Dupont at the 2015 Calvados Nouvelle Vogue cocktail competition (U.K. preselection).


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Examiner.comThe news and lifestyle network introduces the Calvados Dupont Vieille Reserve in an excellent article from  wine and spirits connoisseur Hoke Harden:

« When you stroll through the wonderfully diverse world of great spirits, occasionally you come across certain singular pleasures you stop in your tracks, brought to an appreciative halt by the perfect evocation of fruit, maturation and place. Dupont Calvados Vielle Reserve du Pays d’Auge, a wood-matured apple brandy from the cold and blustery coast of Normandy, is one of those spirits. »
Read the entire article on the Examiner website

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The New York Times

New York TimesJason Wilson of The New York Times has visited Normandy to meet the new generation of Calvados producers:
« In Normandy, Young Ambition Stirs a Traditional Brandy »

(extract) Fifty years ago, there were about 15,000 Calvados producers in Normandy. Most of these were apple farmers who distilled for personal consumption, much of it rough stuff that became known by the slang term calva — indeed, the sort of thing old men drank with their morning coffee. Now, only about 300 producers of Calvados remain, and only about 20 brands are known outside the region.

But a serious group of younger producers, who have banded together under the name Esprit Calvados, is bringing Calvados into the 21st century through innovation and experimentation, as well as by reclaiming traditional farming and distilling methods. Reaching up from the roots of the farmhouse distiller, the new-wave Esprit Calvados collective consists of some of the most highly regarded Calvados producers: Domaine Dupont, Calvados Christian Drouin, Calvados Roger Groult, Domaine Pierre Huet and Le Père Jules. Each distillery is run by a son, each in his 30s or 40s, who has taken over from his father in the past decade.

“We are a young generation making a product that’s old-fashioned,” I was told by Jean-Roger Groult, 32, master distiller at Calvados Roger Groult. “We’re dusting off the image of Calvados.” (…)

>> Read the entire article on The New York Times website

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June 6, 2014 : D-Day 70th anniversary

Macarons Alban Guilmet à la Crème de Calvados DupontMacarons Alban Guilmet à la Crème de Calvados Dupont

June 6, 2014
70th anniversary of D-Day
and the Battle of Normandy

The World Leaders gathered for lunch at the Château de Bénouville have tasted the macaroons created by the awarded Chef Alban Guilmet and made with  Domaine Dupont Calvados Cream.


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Hers Magazine – March 2014 – Japan

Hers HERS magazine on Dupont

Following a visit at the domain, the Japanese magazine HERS recently included a feature article on Calvados Dupont.




(click on image to see a closeup…)


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Bake Until Soft – Chocolate fondant with Calvados

« Linda cooks and Reinis shoots simple, tasty dish recipes that you can cook at home. »
This new Youtube channel presents a recipe of « Chocolate fondant with calvados« .
The Calvados is Domaine Dupont Vieille Reserve.
A nice video, with warmth and humour, very well done… and it does look tasty !

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Food and Drink magazine – Canada

Food and Drink Magazine - LCBOThe Holiday 2013 issue of LCBO Food and Drink magazine (Ontario, Canada) has a nice mention of the Domaine Dupont Calvados VSOP. Titled « French Brandy », the article introduces the three major french brandies : Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados.

« Domaine Dupont VSOP Pays d’Auge Calvados is double distilled and aged for a minimum of four years. Intense and complex, it has aromas of apple, citrus and vanilla that become more pronounced if you add a drop or two of water to each glass. »

>> See the article

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The best book on Cider : World’s Best Cider

Cider Book - World's Best Cider World’s Best Cider is a brand new book by Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw. Very well documented, it is undoubtly the best book on the subjet. In the Normandy section of this 256-page hardcover book, you may find a profile on Domaine Dupont as well as some of best producers of the area.

About the authors : Pete Brown writes the UK’s leading beer blog and was named 2009’s and 2012’s Beer Writer of the Year. He appears regularly on TV, radio and in print and currently writes two regular columns in brewing and pub trade magazines in the UK and the US. Bill Bradshaw is a freelance photographer who has been documenting cider for the last seven years as an ongoing personal project. His cider images are on permanent display at the Hereford Cider Museum and he has been published internationally in various magazines including the prestigious Spanish magazine La Sidra. His images and travels are documented on his blog IAMCIDER.

World's Best Cider - Normandy

World's Best Cider - Domaine Dupont


Book description : « World’s Best Ciders is the first book to showcase the world of cider, from its origins as a thirst-quencher for farm workers to its present as a rival to champagne. Travelling from the Old to the New World and teaching us not only how to taste it but how to cook with it, Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw explore every aspect of this fascinating drink and the people who produce it. Here you’ll discover what Johnny Appleseed really planted, find out what the Magners’ effect is and learn why perry is a miracle drink.
Beginning in the sidrerias of Asturias, Spain, where cider has been part of the culture for thousands of years, the authors then travel north to Normandy and Brittany in France, to the famous cider regions of Somerset, the Three Counties and Wales in the UK and then across the Atlantic, to New England and Quebec where cider is being re-invented, taken out of bars and into restaurants. Over 200 ciders are described in detail, with tasting notes, and illustrated with hundreds of Bill Bradshaw’s inspiring and beautiful photographs.
This is a story that has never been told. It is a story that will appeal to the novice and the expert alike. »

Hardcover book – 256 pages – Publisher: Jacqui Small LLP – ISBN: 978-1906417994

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Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal - Sept. 12, 2013The September 12, 2013 edition of the Wall Street Journal puts the focus on Calvados :

Titled Calvados’s Warm Charm – Have an apple-y ever after fall with this popular Normandy digestif, the article is a nice introduction to Calvados. Will Lyons quotes Jérôme Dupont and the graphics displays (and presents) two Dupont Calvados (VSOP and Vintage 1997).

>> Read the article on the Wall Street Journal website
(click on View Graphics to read a full presentation of the Calvados)

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Iamcider – Bill Bradshaw

Bill Bradshaw is an english photographer and also a cider lover.  In his blog  IAMCIDER, he displays nice photos related to cider and apples. During the fall 2012, Bill Bradshaw came to Normandy to visit Domaine Dupont and a few other estates :

« My first visit was to Domaine Dupont. Dupont’s ciders are well known outside France and for good reason. They embrace the traditional way of making a typically Norman cider yet do it with panache. Unusually, they also embrace modern thinking and really try to push the boundaries of what you can get from your apples… »
Read more and see the pictures…


Jérôme DupontEtienne DupontDomaine Dupont

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All About Cider – James Adams – Australia

All About Cider - James AdamsLong time cider enthusiast and connoisseur, James Adams presents the Dupont Estate in his blog All About Cider.

« Domaine Dupont without doubt is the more highly recognized and acclaimed French cider producer which you can find in Australia – Just ahead of Le Pere Jules in my opinion. From a company who specializes mostly in calvados, Domaine Dupont produces some fantastic traditional ciders… »
Read more …

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The New York Times : NY recovering from Sandy

New York TimesThe New York Times – November 7, 2012
Title : When the Power Came Back, so Did the Crowds

When the New York Times captures a well-known fashion stylist dining at the Calliope Restaurant, there is a Domaine Dupont Organic Cider on the table !
Read the articleSee the photograph in its entirety

Photo by Robert Caplin for The New York Times
Calliope Restaurant is located 84 East Fourth Street in NYC.

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Bites on Today

Bites on TodayThe TODAY food newsletter, Bites on Today, publishes an interesting article about cider titled Not your granny’s apple cider: Craft varieties make a comeback.

Danika Fears, from TODAY, explores the growing demand abour ciders :
« What’s old is new again… There’s this eagerness to learn more about cider and understand it as a farm-related product”
Domaine Dupont ciders are mentionned. Read…

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Calvados in Art

To Etienne, Jerome and Anne-Pamy Dupont:

Still Life With Gamebirds & Calvados
Oil on Canvas 22″ x 28″
by Galen Mercer (2010)

My name is Galen Mercer and I am a painter, living in Vermont, USA. Being a great fan of calvados, I’ve long enjoyed your Domaine’s excellent product, as well as your various ciders. Several years back, a friend made me a gift of Dupont Vielle Reserve calvados. Upon finishing it I kept the bottle, finding the particular shade of olive glass to be quite lovely, while also admiring the vivid yellow seal. At the time I thought it might make a nice prop in a still life painting.

I recently completed a study of game (a woodcock and a grouse) displayed after a hunt, into which I placed your bottle, which added both form and an elegant splash of color to the piece. Reviewing your website the other day gave me the idea that you might enjoy seeing this piece. In hopes that you might find the artistic re-purposing of one of your bottles to be of interest, I am sending you a scan.

With thanks again for the care and obvious pride you take in your particular art.
Warmest wishes,

>> Visit Galen Mercer website:


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